Golden Flowers (Chrysanthemum & Chamomile) Tea Bag

Golden Flowers (Chrysanthemum & Chamomile) Tea Bag

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A Naturally Caffeine Free Tea
Chrysanthemum with Camomile, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Spearmint blends are rare and delicate with the enchanting flowers of sweet chrysanthemum for a surprisingly refreshing break from the ordinary, satisfying, calming experience and healthy digestion. 
The Remedying Benefit of Golden Flowers Tea :
* Camomile - The active ingredient has a number of anti-irritant, anti-
  the inflammatory, & anti-microbial properties, helps to sleep better, great for the skin.
* Lemongrass - Assists in the detoxification of the body and is believed can help insomnia and stress.
* Spearmint - To aid the release of bile and stomach juices and promote
  natural digestion

* Chrysanthemum - Listed among the cooling herb, detoxifies the blood, helps with sinus congestion, and regulates high blood pressure. It can also help to calm the nerves. It restrains the growth of bacteria in the body, relief against influenza. It is also can help heatstroke, due to its cooling effect, and it facilitates digestion, and strengthens the lungs and relieves head congestion, it is also believed to improve vision and hearing. it contains zero calories.
* Peppermint - Promotes a healthy digestion

Direction: Place one tea bag in a cup and add boiling water. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Gently squeeze tea bag and remove. 

"This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease"